St. Carries Center is a 501(c)(3) and all of your donations are tax deductible.  We offer memberships to those who are interested in supporting our projects and expanding the reach of education to make a difference.  In the United States we are writing grants for family literacy projects for children and families at risk.  We utilize activities such as art, music, and physical activities to support academics like reading comprehension, math, and science.  Our lessons utilize the theme of water and entrepreneurship to make them meaningful and relevant to students, teachers, and parents from around the world.



St. Carries Center SMART Academy generally operates until the State Testing starts.  State Testing has started and some of our students have nowhere to go after school.  They have conditions in the home which are not child friendly.  Therefore, we have decided to try and stay open. The parents can’t afford to pay the full cost of the program, but they are all paying what they can.  We are seeking sponsors for at least $250 per child to continue until the end of the school year.  We will start the grant writing process to secure funding for summer school.  Please donate what you can.  

Our major expense is liability insurance for the program and we cannot operate without liability insurance.  Any contribution is greatly appreciated!!

I want to help St. Carries Center stay open year round. Here is my Donation:

Platinum: $10,000 and Above
Gold: $5,000
Silver: $2500
Bronze: $1000
Honorable Mention: $500

The Afterschool Program costs families $20 a day with the support of grants and in-kind contributions.

$320 sponsors a child for a month of tutoring
$160 sponsors a child for two weeks of tutoring
$80 sponsors a child for one week of tutoring
$20 sponsors a child for one day

We appreciate donations of healthy snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grain snacks.

We welcome volunteers.  We love to have Guest Speakers.  If you have a hobby that you would like to share with our students or you would like to teach a child to play a board game or listen to them read, we welcome you.